Privacy policy


Here below we are clarifying how the personal data of people acceding to this web site will be treated.

This informative is valid only for web site and not for any other web site linked.

This informative is in compliance with the European rules in force referring to the minimum requirement to collect personal data of people connecting to the web sites; in particular referring to methods, time and kind of information that the person competent for the personal data treatment must supply to people connecting to the web site.


Personal data referring to identified or identifiable persons accessing to this web site can be treated.

The person in charge for the treatment of personal data is Mr Carlo Miotto, as president of IMESA S.p.A. established in Cessalto (Italy), Via degli Olmi 22 ZIP Code: 31040.


Treatment of data connected to the use of IMESA web site takes place only in IMESA establishments and are handled only by authorized personnel.

No data coming from the web site is published.

Information supplied by people acceding to sales and technical document requests are forward only to people in charge with the requested service or to other if necessary.


Web surfing data

Informatics technologies and software process necessary to the web site working during their work are keeping some information which are implicit in the Internet Communication Protocol.

This information are not collected to be used to identify subjects, but they could identify the web surfer thanks to elaboration or matching with information of third party.

This category count the IP address o the computer dominium name, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) address, the time of requests, the method used to ask for an information to the server, the answer file size, the code identifying the server data answer (ok, error, etc) and other parameters referring to the operative system e to the informatics environment.

This data are used to retrieve the statistics information in an anonymous way in order to control the web site correct working; this data are erased immediately after their used.

Data may be used to verify penal responsibilities damaging the web site itself: if this is not the case, the data are not kept for more then seven days.

Data given by the customer

Voluntary sending of electronic mails to the addresses written into this website cause, of course, the acquisition of the sender e-mail address as well as of all the data inside the electronic mail.

Other specification may be added to this page or others.


Personal data of users are not saved into this website. Cookies are not used to transfer personal data, nor the website uses any persistent cookie, i.e. systems to trace the website users. This website uses only technical cookies. The use of session cookies (which exist only in the temporary memory while the user navigates the website and expire when the browser is closed), it is restricted to the transmission of session identification numbers (which are random generated by the server), as it is necessary to allow a safe and efficient website exploration. Session cookies used by this website avoids the use of other information technologies’ which could prejudice users privacy. Session cookies do not allow personal data savings.

Also, this website uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous navigations data. To read the regulation about the use of this data, please click here.

To disable the cookies, please read your browser official guide-line:


Valid what is written about the surfing data, the user is free to supply his personal data in the IMESA S.p.A. electronics form or to transmit this information to the e-mail address here written.

Not supply the requested data may cause the impossibility to obtain what is requested.

Please note that in same cases (not object of this site ordinary management) Authorities may ask for information (Italian law: art 157 del d.lgs. n. 196/2003) in order to control the personal data treatment. In this case the answer is compulsory.


Personal data are treated with automatic system for the time strictly necessary to cover the scopes for which they were collected.

Safety rules are observed to avoid data loosing, not correct using or not authorized access.


People acceding to IMESA web site may ask for confirmation of data, their origin, verification of correctness in any time. Also, it is possible to ask for data integration, updating or correction (Italian Law: art. 7 del d.lgs. n. 196/2003).

The same article of the above law gives to the people acceding to the web site the right to ask for their data deleting or for the change of the data in an anonymous form. In any moment, for legitimize reason, it is possible to ask for the not treating of the data.

This kind of request must be asked to Imesa S.p.a.


This informative about privacy can be consulted automatically in the most modern browser which are implementing a standard P3P (“Platform for Privacy Preferences Project”) which is proposed by World Wide Web Consortium(

We engage ourself in making this site operating with the automatic privacy controls mechanisms which are available on some products used by the surfers.

The document published under the privacy authorities is the IMESA S.p.A. “Privacy Policy” reference.