IMESA supplies solutions to satisfy the laundry needs of the most different areas: not only hotels, professional laundry or Coin op Laundry, but also equestrian and sport centers, small installation for beautician and hairdresser, and, in the sanitary area, also hospitals, retirement homes, medical centers, clinics, …



The best hotels stands out because a first class service, they pay attention to the smallest details, even the most hidden; for these reasons, the best hotels opt for a indoor laundry! Scented linen in the rooms, perfectly ironed linen on the tables, soft towels into the spa: a way to pamper the customer and to make him happy to be sure he will suggest the hotel to friends.

Thanks to IMESA washers and dryers the indoor laundry advantages are not only the customer satisfaction, you can add also water, energy and detergent saving and soft treatment to the linen, which is no more spoiled by too much aggressive detergents and disinfectants.

IMESA can offer solution tailored on the laundry needs of each hotel, Bed & Breakfast, diary home, relay, … IMESA laundry is a short return investment as it is demonstrated at the moment of the equipment offer.

Any room problem? Do not worry, IMESA solution is TANDEM! Washer and dryer stacked to assure up to 18 Kg/h production in less than 1 square meter.

Do you need more information? Contact IMESA sales department!

table at wedding reception


The receipt for a memorable dinner? Atmosphere, good wine, great food and … an impecable table! When you want to offer an unique experience, you must take care of even the smallest detail. Upon entering into the restaurant, the customer is immediately escorted to the table: stained table cloth and not perfectly ironed napkins certainly would not be the correct prelude for an unforgettable dinner!

To offer a five stars service to your customer, IMESA designed a range of equipment dedicated to the catering industry: small / medium capacity washers and dryers together with the market most performing flatwork ironers. The laundry process control is not only a matter of customer service, it is also a good way to reduce costs and save in energy respecting the environment. Delicated treatments to the fabrics, instead of aggressive sanitizing process, are not damaging the fibers, so the linen has a longer life.


Dry cleaning shop

The attention for the envirnment became an important sale aspect. The most carefull customers are always more sensible to the “pollution” issue and very often they opt for “environmet-friendly” products, also when the choose a laundy service! We can also add that most of the modern fabrics can be wet treated …  now the Wet Clean system success is explained!

IMESA offers washing machines equipped by moder computer, which are bale to control the washing cycle in the deepest detail avoiding garment damaging, and tumble dryer equipped with residual humidity control to assure the fibers respect and to guarantee the best ironing results.

To invest in a IMESA Wet Clean system gives the possibility to offer clean, scented linen, which is pleasant to be touch, as it should be new!

Ask for more information, contact IMESA sales department.

group of assorted cleaning products on white background


To assure the maximum hygiene to hospitals, retirement homes, nurseries, … how? Just with the correct cleaning of MOP and floar clothes!

IMESA offers a huge range of equipment dedicated to the professional cleaning industry; for more informations, ask for the catalogue.

female surgeon with her surgical team on background


When we talk about hospital, we must also take into consideration the hygiene aspect, especially when we refer to neonatology, infectious diseases,, oncology, and a lot of other departments. IMESA designed the ideal solution for the hospital laundry. The D2W series washing machine, in fact, avoid the cross-contamination between dirty and clean linen plasing the washer load and unload in two different rooms! In perfect compliance with the RABC certification and with the UNI:en 14065:2004 Directive, the IMESA aseptic barrier washer put together important aspects such as ergonomic and technology.

Group of older people showing thumbs up

Retirement homes

To take care of old people is really important, thanks to IMESA solutions for retirement homes, our dears are safe!

IMESA solutions is not only reliable equipment for laundry, but also IRIS the RFID linen identification system, which allows the guest garments traceability from the collection in the room to the return back.


Condominium laundry

Talking about substainable architecture, the idea of a laundry room shared among the owner-occupiers is, today, quite common. North European Countries, as well as Swiss and USA, have already applied this system confirming how much it is convenient.

When people talk about condominium laundry refer also to pressional equipment with higher performance than a traditional home appliance and with a high energy saving level. Also, the cost of the machine is not bear by an individual, but shared between the owner-occupiers bringing a common advantage.

IMESA offers a wide range of condominium laundry option:

  • The P-Line series: washer and dryer with 7 Kg capacity;
  • The LM series: professional high spin washing machines;
  • The ES series: professional tumble dryers;

Respecting the self service concept, IMESA washers and dryers are equipped with intuitive and user-friendly control systems. Also, each machine can be connected to modern payment system as prepaid key, card, electronic coin box, …


Equestrian centers

Treating the saddle blankets and the horse covers with IMESA washing machines, your horse is protected against infections and bacteria!

Professional washing of horses textiles items, allows to wash and disinfect them, avoiding to damage their precious fabrics.



Bed sheets, tablecloths, napkins, operators uniforms, … also a ship needs a beautiful and functional laundry! IMESA has a long experience in the supply of washing machines and dryers designed and manufactured to meet the need of the naval sector.

Thanks to many years of cooperation with the leading companies active in this field,IMESA has developed robust and reliable products that are well adapted for installation on cruise ships and freighters.

verschiedene Käsesorten auf weissem Hintergrund

Wash for dairies

IMESA has designed a solution to use on the cheesemaking. The washing machine IMESA is robust, made in stainless steel AISI 304, and it is satitable for installation in humid environments such as the dairy.

IM 8 Touch screen computer control protected by a box IP54 allows to manage more than 200 custom programs, freely programmable. Thank to IM 8 every dairy can have custom programs according to the personal needs!