The P-LINE has been designed to provide efficiency on professional laundries such as healthcare centers, beauty salons, holiday camps, diners and small restaurants and in general to those structures that do not need high capacity machines, although they require a laundry solution.

This line can also be set for self-service use and therefore installed in small residence laundries, student homes and campings.


LM 65 P - LM 80 P High spin washing machines

P-LINE washer can be easily adapted to every type of installation. The top and front panels are in Stainless Steel AISI 304. The control board is the IMESA colour touch screen IM8.

The P-LINE model washers LM 65 P and LM 80 P the perfectly balanced stability is given by the innovative shock absorber system, their distinctive hallmark. Washers are provided with a double water connection for hot and cold water: with this system the IMESA washers save energy using warm water,  reducing heating time and program length.

ES 7 P

ES 65 P - ES 80 P Tumble Dryer

P-LINE tumble dryer is the ideal complement for washer LM 65 P: it has the same design and it can be placed side to side a washing machine or stacked in case little room is available. Top and front panels on the tumble dryer ES 65 P are in stainless steel AISI 304.

Tumble dryers ES 65 P and ES 80 P assure a professional drying for the most delicate linen, too. Equipped with Butterfly drying system in which the drum rotation provides the linen the perfect drying. Residual Humidity Control (RHC) stops the program when the desired residual humidity degree is reached. The control board is supplied with 7 pre-loaded drying programs.


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