IRIS is the solution proposed by IMESA to correctly identify the guest garments, the operators uniforms, the workers dress, … any textile material wich needs to be correctly delivered back to the owner after a laundry process.

TAVOLO RICOMPOSIZIONEThanks to the RFID technology, IMESA system labels permanently the linen and makes it traceable and recognizable at any time.  Applying a small TAG to the te linen, each item can be identified by a lot of information:

  • Owner name and surname;
  • Establishment;
  • Department / room where the guest stays (in case of retirement home, hospital, …)
  • Garment qualification;
  • Item picture;
  • Washing program;

Thanks to IRIS system, it is possible to check how many time the same item was washed and with which treatments. This information is usefull in case of uniform considered as DPI.

TerminaleIRIS is not the usual RFID linen labelling system, it is a modern system which uses a handheld computer to trace the linen from the collection to the delivery back, even it this two operations are far away from the laundry room. The handheld computers are equipped with a ISO 15693 – 13,56 Mh TAG reader and register each item sent to the laundry and each item delivere back to the owner.

Unsing a radio connection, the handheld computer can dialog with smart trolleys which are equipped with led. Each time a person identificative tag is read, or simply the name of a person is typed, the trolley shows the linen to be delivered lighting on the corresponding leds. The handheld computer registers the linen movement and send them to the laundry, in this way each item history can be traced at any time.