Coin op laundries


A launderette is not only a place to just wash and dry linen, over the years it has became a point of meeting and socialization, that’s why the shop must be perfectly kept, it must be a fresh, well lighted and comfortable.
Designing a Coin Op Laundry, IMESA consultant take into consideration all the necessary aspects to make sure it becomes a great success.

Studying the location of the shop is critical to understand who would be the typical customer. This is an important aspect that effects on the equipment choice. Also, IMESA technical service is able to supply the laundry lay out complete of rendering.


LM washing machines

IMESA washing machines dedicated to Coin Op Laundry are standard equipped with frontal, top and side panels in stainless steel AISI 304. Long-lived machines easy to be clean!

The program choice and start is specially easy, thanks to the IM8 touch screen computer which is supplied in the Self – Service configuration and which guides the user in the main operations.

Thanks to automatic detergent dosing system, the washing machine is completely automatic; the correct detergent is used in the proper dose for each washing cycle.

ES 23-33

ES tumble dryers

The IMESA Coin Op tumble dryer is standard equipped with a dedicated control panel which facilitate the customer in selecteing the drying-temperature: Hot – Medium – Low.

To guarantee the perfect linen drying, IMESA Coin Op dryer is standard equipped with a reversing drum system which makes sure the linen omogeneus drying.



A Coin Op laundry is a shop, it means that sufarce is… money! For this reason the available room must be optimized. TANDEM is the solution. Washing machines and tumble dryer stacked are taken up half room then usual. In this way also small shop can be used as launderette.

Payment systems

IMESA offers more payment systems to adapt the laundrette to the Coin Op Shop customer use behaviours.

  • Central cash;
  • Prepaid key;
  • Electronic coin box;
  • Mechanical coin box;


Thanks to modern control systems, IMESA Coin op Laundry is always under control.  For each machine the shop owner can know the consumes and the how many cycle were run.